Friday, November 13, 2015

Cast Iron thougths of Christmas

Someone asked me what I might want for Christmas.  I don’t often think of what I want.  It was a very difficult question to answer.  So, I told them if I thought of anything specific I’d let them know.  That was a few weeks past.  When it came to mind I’d think about it--”what would I like...what could I use?”.  Alas, life would take over and the thought train dissipated as quickly as any other daydream.

Today was a pickup day, a day or sorting and organizing, walking through the abode, spying what was out of place, tasks that needed attention, and being diligent in accomplishment.  During these endeavors I noted that my preferred fufu (my signature fragrance) was just less than not.  I thought--in my pickup mode--“Oh, that could be a nice gift” and went on to the next project.  Those projects combined with some for a couple of others consumed so much of my day that I found myself out running errands between 5:00 and 6:00 PM.  For someone who does not readily partake of rush hour traffic going out at that time on a Friday evening--on Friday the 13th--of an event-filled weekend, was just absolutely absurd!  During the drive home from this arduous adventure, I’m thinking chill--get home, get unloaded, get in the kitchen, begin preparing dinner and ‘yeah”, Gordon Lightfoot channel on Pandora as I cook--”Oh, yeah, my cell phone speaker sucks!  It would be nice to have a nice speaker dock for Christmas”.  And that thought left as soon as I pulled in and was accomplishing.

As the cast iron heats on the stove I’m leisurely chopping onions, peppers, then tomatoes, and is good.  My mind wanders to the question again--Christmas, what do I want?.  I thought about the fufu, thought about the speaker dock, (while listening to a Yo-Yo Ma cd on my home stereo system).  Then I thought, no.  Things are so trite.  I want my family.  I want the familiar.  I want to see and watch my grand babies grow into their own.  I want community.  I want unity of our communes.  I want my babies--big and small--to know what I have known, to experience this world when a handshake and or a word was as binding as the judge’s hammer.  I want my tribe--my peoples, my friends, my associates--to be of one accord seeking union in and relishing in tranquility, peace, and love, endeavoring to educate the small peoples in earnest.  I want to commune with my deceased loved ones, my mother, my Hector, my sister, my father, my baby, and the others. I want the ideal! 

So now the pot is simmering as I continue with my tasks and Christmas is approaching yet, I do have plans for tomorrow.