Sunday, October 18, 2009

One other weekend project

I should know by now, when I expand a space, the space will accumulate more things. A few years ago I expanded my kitchen (it was the smallest room in the house) to three times the size. Since then, I believed my only design flaw was that all the towel racks were on the south end of the kitchen and the sink on the north. Not that the journey was that far, nor a real big deal--justified in my mind--sans a few water drops on the floor. However, recently, I’ve struggled with the ever increase accumulation of lids in the lid drawer. Note to self: “This is not suppose to be happening”!

The lid drawer houses container lids and pot lids, positioned above the container drawer (wasn’t that elementary?). Yet, the bulky pot lids--those convex glass lids with the knobby handles on top--cause chaos. Decided...second design flaw.

I began thinking about it and queried friends on Facebook. Their situational fixes...small lids in larger pots, lids propped behind stove, lids in a hanging rack, etc., couldn’t work for me as my pots are on a rack, the stove on an island and the walls replete with artwork and other sundry items.

Looking around the kitchen I decided the least infringed upon space was below the oven--a space designed for vertical storage of low relief baking wares. [Around here, we do much more cooking than baking.] I shifted the baking wares, tightening the storage, freed one of the vertical spaces and found something of promise.

My brainchild was to create a two-sided vertical unit on full extension glides to accommodate five bulky lids. The available space is 5” wide x ~13” high x just over 26” deep. Perfect! Just enough space to squeeze in my menagerie of glass pot lids.

I’ve learned the value of the old adage “measure twice, cut once”. Furthermore, have personally learned when fitting into an existing space and/or for a specific purpose, one should measure as many times as needed--more often than twice--before cutting or proceeding. When the business day ended on Friday, I made a beeline for the kitchen. After measuring more times than I care to admit, I headed back down the stairs, gleefully visualizing the perfect storage unit. I rummaged through the available wood supply, kicked on the table saw and clamped together a mock up. Done for day one!

Day Two:
After removing the clamps from my mock-up, I decided the first task to tackle was positioning the glides. I’ve dealt with glides in the past (which, I installed) that were not accurately aligned. #*^&$*#!!! If I could not properly align the glides my project was hitting the trash can! After many measurements and much contemplation--not without consternation--the center-finding ruler became my best friend. Those glides slid like butter on hot corn!

From this point on it was a piece of cake. I cut down the oversized front and back members to proper height, positioned the lid supports, broke out the clamps, glue bottle and brad gun and proceeded to assemble. All dry, clamps removed, space-tested, filled and painted. Done for day two!

Day Three:
I woke and sprang from the bed to hurry downstairs and finish the project. A light rubbing out of the finish, some household oil applied to the glides and up the stairs for the install. Done! Time to make a pot of chili.