Sunday, January 1, 2012

I was “Made In America”

I, as most, have felt some--if not a great--impact during the past four to five years of our country’s economic decline. I started looking a bit closer at and studying the economics of the world as a whole, taking note of the happenstance elsewhere on this globe (and how we feed it). Had I been paying closer attention before, I might not have been so surprised by our declining economy. We-Americans can be so short-sighted or near-sighted--however you want to view it. Nonetheless, we are. Why? We have become a spoiled nation--yes, like spoiled children.

Spoiled children are conditioned by their environment. Their expectations are based upon what has gone before. They have no need to consider the impact their expectations have on any environment outside of theirs. They as well, expect the parent to take care of whatever needs attention, pick up the pieces, fix it. They are short-sighted, living in their world of “It’s all about ME!”

You can’t really blame the spoiled child, they’re just living what they’ve learned. You might consider blaming the parent yet, when it comes down to the nitty gritty blame has no place or is beside the point when resolution time arrives.

A child is not spoiled overnight and as a nation we have not been spoiled over year--if you will. This predicament our nation is in has been culminating for years--even decades. Somewhere back-there we lost sight of self. That seems a bit oxymoronic when speaking of one being spoiled doesn’t it? Yet, it’s actually the reverse. We as individuals have allowed our parents--the American government and corporate world--to spoil us (ie. you want this sparkle for less than a penny? Okay!) The parent of the spoiled child makes it happen ... for as long as they can ... even at times to the detriment of the child and the home. Then, somewhere down the road the spoiled child is abruptly awakened by life’s realities. [Hello!] If we want to break it down into elementary terms our nation’s economic demise started with us--the spoiled people--and grew forward, or rather backward from there.

Yes, we are the work force that undergirds the corporations (that have stayed on American soil); we are the people that make up our government yet, we are the spoiled children that have awakened to the realities of our conditioning. Sure, we partook of the incentives/sparkles paraded before us by our parents. How wonderful! Yet, how detrimental to our home, our nation, our communities, all of us. As the value of our dollar decreases in the world market, we-Americans are more to blame than anyone. And we-Americans [THE people] are the ones that can reverse what is happening. Yes, just like that.

If you haven’t been following ABC’s promotion of “Made in America” let me encourage you to do so.

This episode really had an impact upon my economical mind and bringing it home. The video may be slow to load but, is well worth your time.

I’m seeking American suppliers for all products used in my business. [Does anyone want to learn how to beat gold into leaf?] I will buy American for my home. I issue to you, as to myself--beginning a new year--with diligence, shop community, shop local, shop state, shop nation, then STOP! Don’t shop outside what our parent country and our country’s working individuals offer you . It is American jobs! For some things, it will take diligence. I'll seek it. Will you? Ask, “Was is made in the USA?” If not, pass on it.

Teach your children to seek “Made in America” labels. Teach them to ask for American made products. Don’t be a short-sighted citizen. Become the unspoiled and support yourself, your brother, you fellow American, your country, your home and it’s future. Make 2012 the year we brought it home! Buy American! Made in America!