Thursday, September 25, 2008

Changing Seasons...

“The leaves are changing colors,
the green grass is growing dim.
The Summer's heat is fading,
Autumn's chill is drawing near...”

That’s the beginning stanza of a poem I wrote. The Autumnal equinox seems to always begin a period of reflection for me. The summers are always so fast-paced with the gardens, beach-outings, cook-outs, vacations, family visits, etc. consuming much time, creating good times and memories. This year was no different, yet even more in one way.

We spent many weeks preparing for Craig and Brooke’s wedding. For those of you who may not know--Craig is the youngest of the three sons and the first to marry. Craig’s bride, Brooke, is a toot of a girl (toot derived from her former name, Tootle). I actually found a tongue twister recently that I wish I had found before the wedding, nonetheless ‘tis still apropos and I did send it on to Brooke--my favorite daughter-in-law. Here it is...

“A tutor who tooted the flute
Tried to tutor two tooters to toot
Said the two to the tutor
"Is it tougher to toot
Or to tutor two tooters to toot?" “

The weeks leading up to the wedding were filled with not only preparations for the wedding but those about the house and garden for the onslaught of expected guests and events while also pushing production forward in the studio preparatory for a two week shutdown. In the midst of all this preparation our beloved Hobbs came to the end of his days. Some of you knew Hobbs and some didn’t...clicking on Hobbs image to the right will enlighten a bit...

Whew! Nonetheless, we had a wonderful time filled with two weeks of visiting family and friends--to include my mother who celebrated here 81st birthday here with us--, there were numerous events, the ‘just hangin’ out and havin’ fun’ and the ultimate wedding celebration.

The newlyweds, back from their short jaunt across country, have settled in for their last year of school, the extended family and friends have returned to their prospective homes and lives and I’m here in the studio again, back up to full speed preparing for the fall shows, reflecting on what has gone before while contemplating what lies ahead.

With the approach and now advent of the Autumnal equinox, being a farm-raised girl and knowing what is waning, I’ve been scouring the local farmers markets for those last of harvest treasures. Last week: zucchini and yellow/summer squash prepared with onions and diced green tomatoes in a fry pan; petite okra pods boiled with a bit of butter and dash of salt; eggplant, diced, breaded and deep fried; pintos dressed out cuban style with various fresh peppers, onions, garlic, citrus fruits and spices, all served up with a cuban style pork entree, buttermilk cornbread and topped off with a fresh baked blackberry pie--a la mode. This week, more okra, squash and eggplant, the last of the peas and gorgeous red tomatoes.

I’m thinking about my next post for “Who I was” and “Who I hope to be” while posting and living “Who I am”. The seasons roll and our lives change. It all evolutionary. Stay tuned, I’ll be posting again soon. (Oh, that rhymes!)