Thursday, July 5, 2012

Sir “Hamilton” Ivor Encounters The Small People

There’s a delicate approach to socializing a very young pup with very young children.  They’re extremely enamored with the other and the antics and frolicking about on both parts can cause some undesirable results. 

The small people are my two grandsons, about 30 months and 10 months.  Granted they are a bit young for a young pup but, if you do the dog year math Hamilton falls just between the ages of the boys.  [perfect]  Hamilton had been in his new digs for about 36 hours when the small people arrived and was doing well with the newly introduced routine.

When the boys and I entered the house Hamilton let his presence be known with a series of hardy puppy yelps.  Cooper, the eldest, in true Cooper fashion said “What id thaat?”.  I said “that’s the new puppy, Hamilton”, and Cooper excitedly responded “I want to dee him”. 

Initial encounter...
The boys were introduced to Hamilton while he was in the kennel.  They put there hands on the crate and cackled as Hamilton licked their fingers.  After sometime of crate-safe play I cuddled Hamilton on the sofa between the boys and taught them of soft petting.  Hamilton was massaged behind the ears, on his belly and, on his rump.  The boys and Hamilton had a good and new experience.  Hamilton went back to his kennel and the boys went to bed.

The morning after...
Hamilton was running about with gusto as Cooper came into the kitchen for breakfast.  Breakfast got left by the wayside as Cooper dodged, chased and had Hamilton chase him around.  When Cooper decided he wanted to hold Hamilton, he whisked Hamilton up with no forewarning.  Luckily, Charlie’s mom, Whitney was standing watch.  Whitney showed Cooper how to cuddle the puppy as I finished breakfast.

After breakfast, little Jackson and Cooper continued play with Hamilton.  Cooper was not happy when he had to leave.

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