Monday, May 19, 2008

Beverly Walks

The next conscious memory that I can place in chronological order occurs during the fall of the following year--that would be '66.. I know all of my sisters were there, but in my mind's eye I only see Felita and Beverly. Beverly was the one that was in Mother's belly while she was washing me in the Mississippi basin--that's not to imply the Mississippi River Basin. Yes, now there are five girls!

Back to the memory...We were in the cow pasture just east of the front yard, beneath the low hanging limbs of the aged trees in the pecan orchard--probably gathering the nuts for the upcoming holiday baking. Beverly, just more than a year old at this point in time, had soft curly locks surrounding a cute cherub-like face. She was wearing a stiffly starched, light blue, A-line jumper adorned with a colourful appliqu├ęd choo-choo train just above the hem. I stood there watching, holding my breath, afraid she would fall as Felita released her hand allowing her to walk all on her own. There, beneath the pecan trees that day, I saw the first steps of a lifetime and gained a cherished memory that always brings a smile and sometimes a tear upon revisit. That was probably the last of the significant early memories.


Leslie said...

This is really neat to read about you growing up. I love the photo of you girls. Now I know what features on Elexa come from your side of the family. I will keep checking back for new blogs. You truly have a knack for writing. This could be the beginnings of a great book!

Pandora's Float said...


Thank you! I am more than happy to share and very glad that you'll be visiting the blog again.

I don't know about a book, but maybe we could brainstorm that together sometime.

Love, hugs and kisses in whole bunches of bundles,